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ITCats Toastmasters

Club Purpose Statement

To promote the enhancement or improvement of communication and leadership skills with activities that motivate and inspire members to work together as a team. Through a shared vision, members support each other in their professional growth via esprit de corps and, in turn, cultivate a mentor concept.

Closed Membership

Open to campus IT professionals only

Intended Target Audience

Campus IT professionals (staff only - no student employees)

Regular Meeting Dates and Time

When: Thursdays

Time: 10:00 am - 10:55 am

Location: Computer Center Room 303 (Innovation Station)

List of Current Officers (Effective May 2018)

President:  Greg Wessels (joined 2017)

VP Education:  Jose Fragoso/Uriah Bennett (joined 2015/2016)

VP Membership: Deborah Andrysiak, CC (joined 2009 - Charter President)

VP Public Relations/Webmaster: Teresa Banks, CC, CL (joined 2009)

Treasurer:  Chris Reidy (Joined 2014)

Secretary:  N/A

Sergeant at Arms:  Christopher Deer (joined 2016)

Immediate Past President: Uriah Bennett (joined 2016)

Number of Current Members


Date Club Chartered

December 2009

District Affiliation

District 3

Past Club Mentors

Jose Arizpe

Marcia Roberts

Club Sponsor

Thomas Bourgeois, Executive Director-Campus IT, Executive Sponsor

Club Fees (Not TM Membership Fees)

Annual fee of $12

Contact Info:  Deb Andrysiak, VP Membership

Club Website