Communication and Leadership

For leaders it is not enough to just know what to say—but how to say it in a way that persuades people to act. Leadership communication skills help you to convey your principles and intelligence within all of your business communications. Developed leadership skills inspire other people and help develop a sense of purpose surrounding business goals.

Leadership communication skills often focus on the recipient of your message. Learning how to motivate and inspire action in team members is an acquired skill. Like any skill worth having, it requires an investment of practice and coaching and the dividends are invaluable. Mastering leadership communication skills can improve your effectiveness and showcase a high level of business acumen.

Through Toastmasters leaders learn core communication skills such as:

Connecting with others

Connect with individuals at some level through the words you speak, body language, and gestures. Make people feel special through your communication.  This differentiates successful leaders from others.

Keep it clear and simple

The message that is conveyed should be clear and consistent so that it instills trust in the minds of the audience. If the thoughts and ideas that are conveyed are unclear and contradictory then it can create mistrust and misunderstanding.

Be a good listener

Leaders should have excellent listening skills as communication is not just about talking. There is often a misconception that good communication skills involve only talking and it is important to understand that this is not true. Listen and understand what the other person is saying so that you can respond in an effective way.


It is important to observe and look around the organization. This can help create an environment for dialogue.  Employees not contributing to the conversation can be encouraged to participate and work for achieving the overall goals of the team.


 Clear Communication - Your Organization Needs It